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India is a country with a cosmic population, and the availability of land in comparison to the community is meagre with urban development. The 21st century is the passé of the ever-changing society. It so does the living habitats, if we go to the old times, our elders used to believe that independent houses are the best form of a home with the whole land under their possession and ample scope of modifying house structure design to their desires if the periphery of their land allows or by increasing the number of floors. Still, the prices or the costs of the independent houses in today’s time are almost impossible for a general buyer. To solve the problem, the era of apartments came into existence and therefore, many people especially the working middle class started preferring the apartments as equated to the independent houses where the prices are less, have some modern interior designs and provided amenities are more. Many companies in the market offer the best house interior design. Still, without framing onto a lot, here, in this blog, we would be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of both the independent houses as well as the apartments to bring out a conclusion and making better choices for the buyers in owning their dream-house.

The Independent Houses are the ones which are located on an independent Plot and have their own boundary; the land on which the houses are built belongs to the person who owns the place. The Independent Houses can also be called as Bungalow, Duplex, Villa, Simplex, Row Houses, etc. Similarly, the Apartments are a room or a group of related places, amongst similar sets in one building, designed for the use as a dwelling. The Apartments are also known as Flats, Penthouses, Condos, etc.


Advantages of Apartments:

  • The availability of the flats is exactly in ample amount as by the needs of the individuals, with an opportunity to live with a community like a joint-family together.
  • The penthouse campuses fascinate a large sum of businesses to be set-up adjacent and in no time the zone advances and turns out to be self-sustainable without a necessity to visit the central business district (CBD). This furthermore results in appreciation of the property.
  • The apartments come with a large number of additional facilities which come hand-in-hand with the residential architecture, and that too within the premises of the community like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, shopping complexes, ATM etc., as well as the safety protocols of the apartments are much more efficient as compared to an independent house.
  • Apartments have service providers like mason, plumber, electrician, carpenters, laundry, etc., on retainers and the amenities are further available at standard rates.
  • Garbage segregation and collection is finished conscientiously without stinking up the neighbourhood, and all communal issues are addressed by the association, and a discrete need not go around trying to manage them.
  • The increase in the worth of an apartment is proportionate with the primary investment one makes. The Selling and purchasing an apartment is much faster than the Selling and buying a house principally as of the higher cost of an independent house on account of land appreciation. The magnitude of the transaction in the case of an independent house will be much more significant for this reason. The bank finances the deals based on assessment and residual life of the property, whether it is an apartment or an independent house.
  • Apartments in elevations or heights deliver enhanced ventilation & sunlight. Availability to CBD/workplace, insufficient public transport, etc., is an essential factor for numerous people, it intended going in for apartments constructed in CBD or close to it at a reasonable cost.
  • Property specialists recommend investing in an apartment complex because private land/house deals are more susceptible to cheating and fraud. As an individual, it is challenging to remedy and deal with such a status quo. If the land is allocated by the city development authority, one may not face such glitches.
  • For senior-citizens with no supportive families, apartments may be the paramount choice. Festivals & national events are celebrated as a community on a grand scale by apartment residents. Individual house owners cannot match it in sheer size or grandeur.


Disadvantages of Apartments:

  • The principal drawback is that you can’t do any independent add-on construction or alterations. The upkeep one needs to pay to the owners’ association is a regular prearranged cash outgo whether you use the amenities or not. The upkeep charges keep increasing year after year. One of the chief components of upkeep can be water charges. The water requirement is enormous in an apartment complex, and the civic authorities’ arrangements for water supply may have to be augmented by buying water from private vendors at a very high cost. It is not conceivable to regulate water wastage, & water charges end up as a significant component of maintenance.
  • A noisy neighbour who trusts in recurrent gatherings or with an issue of noisy children may cause a lot of problems, and one will have a minute or no control over it other than complaining to the association and making the neighbour be their number one opponent. One more of the issue of the same is
  • You can, at the utmost, keep potted plants on your balcony. You can’t dream of having a garden and growing your favourite fruits and vegetables. Keeping pets is problematic if other residents have glitches with it and complain about it.
  • While regular maintenance is carried out, significant works like renovating the apartment building etc. cost a packet & may deplete the corpus fund requiring further contributions in a lump-sum. One has no control over the eminence of construction and material used by the builder. A builder bent on making the most of profits at any cost may eventually hand you a lemon! In different words, an unscrupulous builder may end up providing you with a secondary dwelling which may even be a menace to live in! The frequent media coverage of building collapses due to shoddy constructions should be a warning and make one cautious when selecting the project of an unknown builder.
  • If there are legal hassles which were not disclosed by the builder like large scale deviations, illegal construction etc. your dream dwelling may even be demolished by the authorities or eviction orders issued.


Advantages of Independent Houses

  • The independent houses or the row houses are spacious, and terraces are ideal for the four-legged friend.
  • The apartments in themselves come up with luxury interior designs of the pre-installed framework and the layout plans.
  • If a family has small children, large and spacious places are necessary for good progression.
  • The family can enjoy freely without having to follow the circumstances and limits established by the buildings.
  • The houses have more ample spaces.
  • Associated to apartments, independent houses profit better returns in the long run (in 7 years or more).
  • The sum of privacy you get is much more than apartments.
  • In the outside spaces, you can make your own green areas that are not communal.
  • It is easier to make any remodelling because they avoid procedures such as requesting permission from the administration. Nevertheless, that depends on the area where the house is because many homes are also in closed sets.
  • Overall, independent houses or villas are positioned more remotely when associated with apartments. Consequently, the atmosphere of the places has lesser levels of air and noise pollution.

Disadvantages of Independent Houses

  • The focal drawback lies in security. Maximum bungalows do not have a surveillance system, nor do they have a guard what contributes to insecurity.
  • Independent houses are more expensive than flats. An independent house is double or triples the price of an apartment in the same area.
  • Tenants typically look for places right in the heart of the city, where villas aren’t traditionally located. Henceforth it turns out to be problematic to rent an independent house out. Even if one gets any individual as for rent, the profit will be low.
  • Also,  you will have a lot of space, how much more distance you have, more provisions and upkeep you will need to do, from cleaning up to fixing things.
  • In apartments, numerous heads come together to transmit the maintenance. In the case of independent houses, the possessor has to do it on their own, which is pretty tricky.
  • Ordinarily, independent houses are situated at secluded places which are far away from the heart of the city, and the inhabitants might need to travel long distances for reaching offices, schools, markets, shopping centres, etc.




In the end, I would like to reference that Flats or the Bungalows both have their own convenient positives & the negative topographies, but what we have to look for is the requisite of the set-up or the yearnings what we have from our dream house. Therefore, we can determine that if one desires to purchase an apartment or an independent house, both come with its own pros. And the cons. Depending on the prospects and convenience, one can choose the property of their choice after the calculation and the assessment of that, choose their dream house as either a flat or an independent house.

I also hope that these benefits, as well as the shortcomings of both the independent houses and the apartments, may be a helping factor in drawing the conclusion for opting for an apartment or an independent house.

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