Some Prevalent Facts About Interior Designing

If we give a thought to the view of clients in the market then a lot of misconceptions & myths prevail in the interior design profession. These myths could sometimes be affecting those who are looking for some Interior Design solutions for their home or offices. So, to bust those myths let us today discuss some of them.

Interior Designers are too Pricey:

When the facts in all center interior design cost, it is always considered as expensive or pricey. Whereas the truth is Interior Designing is charged exactly following the works done or the needs & necessities of the client. When it comes to making space organized & functional professional interior designers with their skill & experience do a great job in it.

Residential or Commercial interior design project doesn’t make much of a difference the interior design work is considered as the luxury implication for space. From measurements to the selection of color & texture an interior designer can be of great assistance in all these sections. There are lots of difficulties faced by clients when it comes to design or construct anything new. We know the fact, constructing a home or renovating it can be a huge investment.

Technical Skills are not needed in Interior Designing:

This is one of the most prevalent myths regarding Interior designers which say that they only do the designing & change the patterns, colors & accessories of the home or office but reality is in no place similar to it. For Interior designers, there is a demand for which they should be precise with the patterns & measuring while designing the project which involves the manual as well as technological advances. For new projects, the designers had to visit the sights personally & assess every possible option that could be a good fit for the client. All these works require technical skills in the field of interior design which itself states the knowledge & skills required by Interior Designers to complete any project.

  • Outlining: Primarily, the outlining of the works is done on the site to assess a raw idea about the space & an outline sketch is made which encompasses the details of further execution.
  • Digital Imaging & Manipulative Design Concepts: Post these outlining of the site, the digital applications like CAD come forth for 2D design preparation which gives an outlook of space with clear info about the location & variety.
  • 3D Interior Design Modelling: After the creation of a 2D design, a graphical presentation is done through 3D design software like (3Ds Max) where a three-dimensional layout is created projecting the pre-plan for the utilizing of the space.

Interior Designers impose their Vision on the Client:

When the point of proper management & reliable design is acquired by a vision & deliberated idea. The myth that exists amongst the clients is that the Interior Designers impose their vision on their clients. Contrary to this, interior designers plan & work for their clients. They take this as their duty to deliver the space with a better version of it by fulfilling all the needs & requirements of the client.
Designers not only change the existing but also modifies the living space therefore thinking that the interior designers would impose their vision on the client not true. They provide full freedom for clients to come & select what they need from the available space.


No Professional Qualification to become an Interior Designer:

As Interior designing is a professional service the qualification related to it is very important which involves knowledge & training for which the qualification is a must. In absence of the qualification, the errors & flaws are evident to occur leading to the wastage of hard-earned money of the client. Therefore, before hiring an Interior Designer the qualification must necessarily be checked.


Interior Designing is a Piece of Cake & Can Be Done by Oneself:

It is one of the most common misunderstandings in the field of interior designing that interior designing can be done by anyone. The real fact is that many times this misconception leads people to do the task themselves which later on lead to very little or no effect after the changes or the works done because though Interior Designing involves decorating but, with measured attempts to make space functional & productive.
Interior designers not only in Lucknow but anywhere measure the space first. Then move further ahead to make your space useful. As they know, have the required skill & experience which makes them a reliable option for your space. As they have handled many spaces & worked on numerous designs which makes them a good option for your space. 


Interior Designer only Plays with Fabrics:

Interior designing is a systematic procedure it takes effort in doing as well importing things. The designer has to take precise precautions when it comes to designing for any client. Mostly they opt for the Turnkey Project & cover the whole service & designing space. Which is a comparatively economical option. The first & foremost Interior Designer’s job is to make spaces more functional, secure/safe, productive & beautiful. They do not play with fabrics, paints & decorative items but they select the most appropriate thing to put in. Interior designers evaluate & determine the space requirements, layouts, read blueprints from builders & architects.

Interior Designers Struck-off the Old Belongings:

Interior Designer, face this challenge to mix the old stuff with their new additions will consult the client when it comes to throwing stuff away. Furthermore, in this scenario where the old stuff can’t be used only then the interior designer suggests going for new furniture. Customized furniture is a good option that can be customized accordingly with space & preference. Therefore, instead of imposing limits, you don’t care about; try to believe in what they’re doing & to integrate your ideas with theirs.


Interior Designer is similar to Decorators

Interior Designing is a profession which makes people believe & take requirement under consideration in a phycological level. Whether it’s the residential project for home & living space or A commercial space for office & corporates the use & work done for both the interior designer & decorators are different.  Whereas decorators furnish the space with decorative elements to achieve a certain look & atmosphere. Interior decorators on the other hand consider things & places, according to the furniture which goes with space.  


In the end, I would like to bring forth that this article is just an end product of the preference & purview of what is observed. In reality, many further other myths & facts exist in the interior designing industries. Similarly, there are many other facts & details which are a must to be considered before choosing an Interior Designer to revamp or renovate your home.


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